Chris Beck

Chris has been paddling whitewater since the late 1990’s.  After 2 years of kayaking and guiding rafts in the Southeast, he was introduced to whitewater canoeing and fell in love with the single blade.  He is a lifelong native of Atlanta, GA where he is a custom home constructor, and he spends most of his weekends paddling Southeast favorites like the Ocoee River, Tellico River, and Section IV of the Chattooga River.  You are also likely to find him paddling various section of the Chattahoochee River, making the most of local flow to work on his paddling skills as well as helping blossoming canoeists develop their own skill sets.  Chris is always up for welcoming new boaters into the sport and is happy to spend time sharing knowledge and answering questions related to the sport.

Travis Overstreet II

Travis II’s father, Travis Sr., was introduced to whitewater canoeing in the early 1970’s and fell in love with the sport and the lifestyle.  A decade later, and after growing up listening to his father teach paddle strokes and water reading skills to others, Travis II was old enough to start  participating in outdoor adventures with his mother and father.  In 1983, Travis II got his first canoe and hasn’t looked back since.  He was at one time a student of the sport, but throughout the years he has taught all aspects of canoeing – ranging from competition to rescue skills.  Travis II now lives in Roanoke, VA with his family, where he’s passing on his love of canoeing and whitewater to the next generation.  You’ll see him anywhere from the New River in WV to the Green River in NC.

Matt Todhunter

Matt grew up paddling an Old Town Discovery 169 with his dad on runs in North Georgia like the Etowah River and Chestatee River through the late 1990’s.  He started paddling a solo canoe on whitewater in 2009, and now lives in Chattanooga, TN with his wife and daughter.  He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and works full time in the medical device industry.  You are likely to see him paddling a canoe on the Ocoee River, Tellico River, North Chickamauga Creek, or many of the other quality runs in the Southeast.