Custom OC1 Bulkhead Saddle

Starting at $366.13

The Ridge Spirit Outfitting OC1 Bulkhead Saddle is designed to give the paddler a solid yet comfortable connection to their canoe.  This makes our saddle ideal for paddlers ranging in skill from Class II+ weekend warriors all the way up to Class V dirtbags who get 180+ days of paddling in each year.  The OC1 saddle comes in two configurations, dependent on the depth of the boat it will be installed in.  All saddles will require carving to fit the paddler, and may require trimming of the outside edges of the thigh hooks to fit the canoe.

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OC1 saddles are subject to our storage fees if delivery is not taken within 30 days of completion.  Click here for more details.

Standard Height

The standard OC1 saddle is ideal for most modern rotomolded whitewater canoes.  Features of the standard saddle include:

  • 8 inch seat width
  • 9 inch seat height
  • 8 inch deep thigh hooks
  • Yakima-style adjustable foot braces countersunk into the saddle
  • Two HDPE floating thwart dowels that will never rot
  • Channels cut to countersink thwarts into the saddle
  • Square pass-thru for water transfer and pump placement
  • ¼ inch of Minicel under pass-thru to reduce stress riser on the hull
  • Pre-drilled holes for bilge hose and wiring for the pump kit
  • Drain hole in crotch to reduce water collecting in lap
  • Mounting point for battery on rear of saddle
  • Large 1 inch thick Minicel knee pads

Short Height

The short OC1 saddle is ideal for older whitewater canoe designs, or typically any solo canoe with a depth of 13 inches or less.  The short saddle features a reduced seat height of 8 inches for a lower center of gravity, 6 inch deep thigh hooks, and a modified geometry to maintain comfort.  All other features of the standard height OC1 saddle are included on the short height saddle.