Price List

All prices shown below are before taxes (9.25% for sales in TN) or shipping charges.  This is not a complete list of all possible configurations of our products – if you don’t see something that you need, please contact us.  Inclusion on this list does not indicate that an item is currently in stock.

Pump & Battery Kits
Part Number Description Price ($USD)
PK1-2G Single pump kit $95.56
PK1-2G-E Single pump kit (expanded) $112.84
PK1-8G Single pump kit (8G) $112.67
PK2-8G Dual pump kit $169.83
BK-2G LION battery kit $185.92
BK-SSC LION Plus battery kit $242.02
Outfitting Supplies
Part Number Description Price ($USD)
PT-8 Pass-thru pipe, pre-drilled (for 8″ wide saddles) $18.18
DWL&H Dowel with hardware (each) $4.58
THW Ash thwart (each) $13.73
THWH175 Thwart hardware, 1.75″ long (pair) $4.58
THWH200 Thwart hardware, 2.00″ long (pair) $4.58
THWH225 Thwart hardware, 2.25″ long (pair) $4.58
THWH250 Thwart hardware, 2.50″ long (pair) $4.58
YK-10 Adjustable Foot Braces, pair $39.59
OC1 Saddles
Part Number Description Price ($USD)
OC1-CH OC1 Saddle, charcoal $366.13
OC1-GY OC1 Saddle, gray $366.13
OC1-YL OC1 Saddle, yellow $375.29
OC1-LG OC1 Saddle, green $375.29
OC1-BU OC1 Saddle, blue $375.29
OC1-LV OC1 Saddle, lavender $375.29
OC2 Saddles
Part Number Description Price ($USD)
OC2-CH OC2 Saddle, charcoal $640.73
OC2-GY OC2 Saddle, gray $640.73
OC2-YL OC2 Saddle, yellow $649.89
OC2-LG OC2 Saddle, green $649.89
OC2-BU OC2 Saddle, blue $649.89
OC2-LV OC2 Saddle, lavender $649.89
Pump & Battery Components
Part Number Description Price ($USD)
T1200 1200 GPH Pump $44.76
SW Waterproof Switch $18.49
SW-P Switch Plate $5.32
THF 1-1/8″ Thru-Hull Fitting $8.70
BH-# 1-1/8″ Bilge Hose, per ft $2.80
WH-2GF-6 2G Wire Harness with Crimp Connectors $12.45
WH-8GF2-7 8G2 Wire Harness with Crimp Connectors $26.54
B-2G LION battery $138.49
CH-2G LION charger $36.36
B-SSC LION Plus battery $192.87
CH-8G LION Plus charger $38.18
ST-2 Cam Strap, 2 ft $7.46
MNT Battery Mount $5.76
Pigtails & adapters
Part Number Description Price ($USD)
WH-2GF-1 2G Female Pigtail with Crimp Connectors $8.57
WH-2GM-1 2G Male Pigtail with Crimp Connectors $8.57
J-2GF-8GM Adapter, Female 2G to Male 8G $13.89
J-2GM-8GF Adapter, Male 2G to Female 8G $13.89