Install a Dual Pump Kit

Verify Package Contents

The dual pump kit includes the following:

  • 2x pump
  • 1x 8G2 wiring harness
  • 4x butt connectors
  • 2x ring terminals
  • 1x switch and mounting plate
  • 2x thru-hull fitting
  • 2x 3 ft. lengths of bilge hose
  • 4x zip ties

Tools You Will Need

  • Wrench / screwdriver to remove existing thwart hardware
  • Drill motor
  • Drill bits
  • Permanent marker
  • 1-3/8 inch hole saw
  • Wire cutting / stripping tool
  • Wire crimping tool
  • Small flat head screwdriver

Connect the Pumps to the Wiring Harness

Use the supplied butt connectors to attach both pumps’ wires to the harness per the schematic below.  Please note that polarity is important when connecting the pumps to the harness. Hooking up the wires incorrectly will cause the pump to run backwards and pump at a much lower efficiency, or to not run at all.

Install the Bilge Hoses

Firmly press the end of the bilge hose over the pump outlet until it stops.  The end of the bilge hose that fits on the pump should be a non-corrugated section of the hose (which occurs every foot).  When fit correctly, the bilge hose doesn’t need a hose clamp to securely attach to the pump.

Install the Switch

Shorten the brown/white paired wires to an appropriate length to reach the desired position of the switch.  Crimp a ring terminal onto each wire.  Use a small flat head screwdriver to attach the two ring terminals to the switch.  Polarity does not matter at the switch.  Install the switch into the switch plate, making sure to put the nut and star washer on top of the plate.

Drill a hole in the switch plate, then mount it on the underside of the thwart.  This should keep the top of the switch’s toggle below the top of the gunwales on most canoes, decreasing the chances of the switch accidentally being turning on (and potentially draining the battery).

Install the Thru-Hull Fittings

Please consider the following BEFORE drilling holes in the hull for the thru-hull fittings.

  • DO NOT mount the thru-hull fittings below the canoe’s water line, or the canoe will take on water.
  • DO NOT mount the thru-hull fittings on a highly curved section of the hull, or the flange and/or nut may not sit flat.
  • DO NOT mount the thru-hull fittings too close to the gunwales, or the flange and/or nut may not sit flat.
  • DO NOT mount the thru-hull fittings where it will interfere with the saddle or the airbags, or in any way that will impede the ability of the paddlers to wet exit the boat.

Use a permanent marker to mark the center of where the thru-hull fitting will go on the outside of the hull.  Use a drill motor and a 1-3/8 inch hole saw to drill through the hull.  Install the thru-hull fitting into the hull and tighten the nut.

Complete Installation

Shorten each bilge hose as necessary and firmly press the end over the  thru-hull fitting until it stops.  If necessary, use the included zip ties to fix the hose to the fitting.  A short, direct route of the bilge hose will provide the best performance.