Install a Battery Kit

This ‘How-To’ applies to both the LION and the LION Plus Battery Kit, however the pictures only show the LION battery.

Verify Package Contents

Each battery kit includes the following:

  • 1x battery
  • 1x charger
  • 1x cam strap
  • 1x foam battery mount

Supplies You Will Need

  • Contact cement
  • Solvent resistant gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Respirator

Tools You Will Need

  • Something to apply the contact cement with (brush, foam scrap, etc.)
  • Permanent marker

Install the Battery Mount

NOTE:  For those with RSO saddles, this step can be skipped, as RSO saddles come standard with a battery mount.

CAUTION:  Contact cement is highly flammable, is a skin and eye irritant, and gives off fumes (while in an uncured state) which can be harmful to your health.  Keep contact cement away from open flames, hot surfaces, and other sources of ignition.  Use only in a well ventilated area.  Wear solvent resistant gloves, eye protection, and a NIOSH-approved respirator with an organic vapor cartridge while handling contact cement in an uncured state.

Find an appropriate location on the saddle to place the battery mount, then use a permanent marker to trace the shape of the mount onto the saddle.  When tracing the mount, it is important to also mark where the piece of white plastic is recessed into the foam.

Following the directions on the contact cement can, apply contact cement to the bottom of the mount on the foam only (not on the white plastic).  Apply additional coats of contact cement as required.

Also apply contact cement to the marked area on the saddle.  The area with the glue on the saddle should be two rectangular strips that correspond to the two areas on the mount that will have glue.  Apply additional coats of contact cement as required.

After allowing the contact cement to become tacky (approximately 10 minutes), align the two parts and press together.  Realignment of the two pieces is not possible.  If done correctly, the mount will be firmly attached to the saddle and there will be a channel between the saddle and the white plastic.

Attach Battery to Mount

Set the battery onto the mount and lace the cam strap through the slot on one end of the case, then begin feeding the strap through the channel in the mount.

Continue feeding the strap through the mount until it comes out the other side, then pull all of the slack through.

Feed the end of the strap up through the slot on the other end of the case, then back through the cam buckle.  Pull the cam strap until the battery is secure, but not overly tight.

Feed the excess strap back through the slot on the case and tuck it under the mount.

Connect Battery to Wiring Harness

Press the male connector on the battery and the female connector on the wiring harness together until they lock.  The connectors used by RSO can only connect one way, eliminating the chance of hooking your pump up backwards.