Pump Retrofit

$40.00/hr plus materials

Ridge Spirit Outfitting offers retrofit services for installing our pump kits into the existing non-RSO saddle in your boat.  We will remove your saddle, install the pass-thru and pump kit, then reinstall the saddle in your boat.  You must be able to get your boat to and from our shop in Chattanooga, TN.

Some pump retrofits require new airbag lacing.  When new lacing is required, we try to replicate the original lacing pattern as close as possible.  We use black 550 paracord (a nylon kernmantle rope with a 7-strand core) exclusively for all lacing.  If re-lacing is required, some additional holes may be drilled in the hull to facilitate tying off the lacing.  Our lacing is done in a manner that allows you to unlace and re-lace as required.

All retrofit jobs are subject to our storage fees if not picked up within 30 days of completion.  Click here for more details.