Dual Pump Kit

$169.83 (PK2-8G)

The Ridge Spirit Outfitting Dual Pump Kit is designed to work with our LION Plus Battery Kit.

Installation instructions can be found here.  See the price list for individual component pricing.

Unless used with an adapter, the 8G electrical connectors in this kit are NOT compatible with the 2G connectors used in the single pump kits.

Components / Features / Specifications

Component Part No Quantity
1200 GPH Pump T1200 2
Waterproof Switch SW 1
Switch Plate SW-P 1
8G2 Wire Harness with Crimp Connectors, 7 ft WH-8GF2-7 1
1-1/8″ Bilge Hose, 3 ft BH-3 2
Thru-Hull Fitting THF 2
  • Installed Weight:  3 lb 2 oz
  • Wire Harness Connector:  8G