Saddle Customization

Foam Color

All Ridge Spirit Outfitting saddles are built from Minicel, a high quality closed cell foam which has been the standard in whitewater boat outfitting for years.  We use 2.0 lb/ft³ density foam for a perfect balance between comfort and durability.  Charcoal is the standard color for our solo and tandem saddles, but we offer five other choices of foam color* – yellow, green, blue, lavender, and grey.  Unfortunately, red foam has been discontinued for the time being due to quality issues.  See our price list, and contact us to find out what colors are currently in stock.

*Please note that there may be slight variations in color between different lots of foam.

Foot Brace Height

Paddler preference on foot placement in a whitewater canoe varies widely – some like the tops of their feet flat on the hull while others prefer to have their toes pointing down.  Whatever your preference, you can specify the clearance between the bottom of the foot pads and the hull on your Ridge Spirit Outfitting saddle.  The standard height is 1 inch between the pad and the hull.

Hull Profile

No two hull designs are the same, so we offer two different profiles to choose from for the bottom of our OC1 saddles – flat and curved.  While the Minicel foam does have give and will follow the hull contour, getting a flat bottomed saddle glued down in a boat with a heavy rocker profile can be difficult.  For boats like these, the curved profile for the bottom of the saddle is selected.  This isn’t an option chosen by you, the customer, but by us based on what type of boat the saddle is going in.